The Maine Coalition for North Atlantic Right Whales has issued the following statement on the Maine Delegation’s Omnibus Rider that has ensured a six-year delay on regulatory action by NOAA to prevent large whale entanglement. 

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Contact your elected officials to advocate for right whales

Here is a suggested letter template:

Dear _______________,
The situation facing North Atlantic right whales off the Maine coast is dire. Since 2017 NOAA has documented more than 50 deaths and serious injuries likely to result in death. A recent study shows that for every observed right whale mortality, there are almost three that go undocumented. NOAA has determined that the number of “acceptable” deaths (known as Potential Biological Removal or PBR) is 0.8 individuals per year in order for the species to survive. Without serious and immediate protections for right whales, this iconic species will be functionally extinct within two decades.

Your action is critical in the following areas:

With state and Federal-specific lobster gear marking launched in 2020 for Maine fishing grounds, it is only a matter of time before a right whale shows up entangled in Maine gear. Are you willing to risk further Maine fishing gear entanglements and the resulting stain on Maine's reputation? We urge you to not wait for that evidence while right whales suffer needlessly. 

The extinction of the right whale may be averted if you and other Maine leaders have the courage and vision to act now. With your leadership, the Maine lobster fishery has the chance to become a hero in this story, and can lead among northeast fisheries in implementing fishing practices that ensure our oceans are safer for whales and other wildlife. 




Your letter may be sent to the attention of the elected officials listed below.

Governor Janet Mills
Email Gov. Mills
Call: (207) 287-3531

Sen. Angus King
Email Senator King
Call: (207) 622-8292

Sen. Susan Collins
Email Senator Collins
Call: (207) 622-8414

Rep. Chellie Pingree
Email Rep. Pingree
Call: (207) 774-5019 

Rep. Jared Golden
Email Rep. Golden
Call: (207) 249-7400

Spread the word to your local officials, too! Find your state reps here:


Thank you for your efforts to show our elected officials that Mainers care about the future of right whales.


The Maine Coalition for North Atlantic Right Whales sent a letter to Governor Janet Mills and the Maine congressional delegation in early October of 2021 sharing our concerns about misinformation on right whales in Maine, especially in regards to right whale entanglement and the Maine lobster fishery. The full letter can be found below.

A Letter to the Maine Delegation - October 6, 2021.pdf